06 April 2012

U.K. Man Claims High Car Insurance Premiums Forced Him to Sell Drugs

by , Posted in Catastrophic

A man from Stockton (U.K.) was arrested for dealing drugs following a police raid that led to the discovery of approximately 14 grams of pot in 17 foil packages. Jamie O’Hara, along with his cousin, Christopher Healey, was planning to distribute the Class B drug. However, the reason O’Hara gave for turning to a life of crime was his desire to pay off an £1,100 car insurance premium.

Although the raid took place a little over a year ago, the small time operation recently led to both men being sentenced to a one-year prison term, suspended for two years with 240 hours’ unpaid work. The sentence might seem a bit steep, but the worst part is that with the confiscation of O’Hara’s entire inventory, he may never have been able to pay off his premium.